The Green Witch and The Golden Apple

We are so excited and proud to present our very first MUPPET SHOW: “The Green Witch and The Golden Apple”…which will be one of MANY! This show was inspired by my son Alex.
All mothers,at some point struggle to feed your little one healthy food.
We trust that by showing them what good food can do for you, we will make Mom’s struggle a little lighter.
MJ the PIRATE found a treasure map hidden in an old book. Now MJ and PETE the PIRATE are on a quest to find the TREASURE of the GOLDEN APPLE before the revolting GREEN WITCH gets her hands on it. The GOLDEN APPLE is so special because if you have this treasure you’ll never ever get sick again….!

On their quest PETE the PIRATE , with MJ’s help, realises that it is better for you to eat healthy foods in order to stay strong and have lots of energy. Especially if you’re dealing with all sorts of perrels: From frozen pirates to DRAGONS! And of course the ever lurking vile GREEN WITCH, who wants THE GOLDEN APPLE all to herself.

The exhilarating interactive 45 minute MUPPET SHOW is suited for children ages 4-very old (ages 0-3 must be supervised) and takes the audience on a journey of discovering the benefits of healthy eating habits. It’s hilarity for big and small at it’s best, with many contemporary parodies of songs form Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance” sung by the GREEN WITCH to MJ’s “Good Food” song to the tune of FIRE BALL and the “Chase the witch away song” to the tune of Duck Sauce. The show touches both young and old and will have you in stitches.

Special appearance by DAZZLE THE DRAGON!

The show is fully mobile and can be accommodated in most venues. We do need a hard surface to work on and a 2.8mx 2.5 m space for the puppet box, a power point to plug our sound system into and some good ambient lighting.

Show is currently available in both English and Afrikaans.

The stars of "The Green Witch and the Golden Apple"

The stars of “The Green Witch and the Golden Apple”

Meet MJ the Pirate and Dazzle her dragon.

Meet MJ the Pirate and Dazzle her dragon.

And special guest DAZZLE the DRAGON

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