Puppet Making

Puppet Making

To add to your event we also offer puppet making. You get to create your own puppet to take home!

We have:

  1. Box puppets. Suited For all ages. This is a puppet made from two boxes with a cloth body. The kids get to design and create the puppets face with materials and glue supplied by us. This puppet type is best suited for animal themes.
    We tailer make the puppet to your theme or what your child is into at the moment.

Cost: R90/puppet

Kitty Cat box puppet made by the birthday girl
Cool dragon box puppet
Scary woolf… A HOOOOOO!

And we have:

2. Paper Mache puppets. Ages 5-12 years. This puppet has a paper mache head and cloth body. The kids get to design and create the face of their puppet by sticking on materials or painting on the face, all materials and paints supplied by us. Puppets are also tailer made to your event or theme.

Cost: R90/puppet

All puppets must be ordered 7 working days in advance. No refunds on ordered puppets as it’s tailer made for your event.

Paper mache puppets for the Circus is Here show
The gospel singer was a hit!
Strawberry Shortcake puppets for a very special girly birthday party

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