Crab and fish
The nasty fish is out for Al’s backside
Sal the Anenome
Sal the Anenome
Mel the sweet Bristle Worm
Mel the sweet Bristle Wurm

AL, the little crab has to share his shell with two very strange and different creatures: SAL the anemone and MEL the bristle worm. This gentle and magical adventure is for the little ones who still need to learn that it is “ok” to share. Our story is filled with lovely, easy to remember songs and lots of beautiful creatures of the sea and land. They all show AL that sharing …..can be fun!

Sharing a Shell is available in English and Afrikaans

Ages: 1 – 3     Time: 20 minutes

Cost: R25 per ticket. Minimum cost of show R 2 000.00 per show.

To make a booking phone Linda on 061 509 6360 or mail us

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