We also do

We also do a whole bunch of other things!

Special events:

  1. Idols partyWe offer kids the opportunity to express themselves creatively through dressing up and singing to backtracks of their choice. This party is a big hit with all ages. We choose a panel of judges from the audience who under guidence from the preseneter chooses the winner.We supply all costumes, wigs, backtracks, sound equipment ,mikes and prizes for the winners. We also record the winner right there and they will leave with their winning song!

    This event can take up to 3 – 4 hours

    Price of event is : R3 500,00

  2.  Performing in a showWe take a well-known classic stories, “funkify “the story and give each child a part to play. We rehears with them and put on a mini play. This activity is a huge hit with all ages.We supply all costume and sound effects.

    Event time is 2 – 4 hours. Depending on the kids

    Price: R3 500,00

  3.  Theatre gamesA series of hilarious theatre games are played with the kids:
    1. Make the sound effects for the actions.
    2. Use the prop in different ways or to fit the story.
    3. Let’s dance in different character.
    4. The memory game

      To name but a few games.This event takes 2 – 4 hours depending on the kids. Price: R3 500,00

5. The Pirate Party – Ages 4-7

All “pirates” at the party receive the propper pirate attire, bandanna, eye patch and sword. Map in hand we leave on a treasure hunt of note. (supervised by 2 pirate facilitators) – “If ye get all the clues, ye get the treasure me hearties! This party requires some previewing of the party venue or home to determine 4-5 different clue locations. All clues and treasure chest with goodies are set up before the party. This party is a funfilled glorious adventure.

Price:R3 500,00 (Max of 20 children, every child there after @ R50/child)


We also offer different types of craft for children to take home. We supply all making equipment.

A. Kitemaking @ R80/kite

B. Handbags @ R100/bag

C. Jewelry making @ R100/piece

D. Pencil box making @ R80/box

E. Dream catcher making @ R80/dream catcher

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