Dedicated to educating pre-school and foundation phase children through entertainment.

We are a Non-Profit Company, specialising in educational entertainment for ages 1-10.

Children’s emotional and social development underpins all our shows and learning while being entertained is what we strive for. We also offer puppet making as an extra event. 

We provide pre-made puppet kits to your specification and we supervise the puppet construction after the puppet show. Great fun is had by all.

Our Mission Statement

Emotional wellbeing in resource-trapped schools and households often falls by the wayside which results in kids and adults becoming more anxious and socially awkward. Due to technology and the pandemic, we are being kept away from human interaction while social media constantly puts us under a microscope, adding to our anxiety – anxious and awkward children are becoming the norm. 

Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) is all about creating a well-adjusted youth with an entrepreneurial world view, in turn supporting the developing world, with less violence against vulnerable groups in our society.

We want to help equip the next generation with a key skill set to connect with each other.
We want to support children with high levels of anxiety, but also the average kid and adult, not yet exposed to social-emotional skillsets.

In short: Our shows are for everyone.

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Bizzy Hands Puppet Company

Bizzy Hands Puppet Company is dedicated to educating pre-school and foundation phase children through entertainment.