The Baker and the little Rat

Kotie the baker is very worried, it’s the annual Butterfly Festival and he is swamped with orders for delicious cakes, and to top it all his assistant Marietjie has terrible hay fever and won’t be coming in. 

What more can possibly go wrong!?

Kotie will have to dig deep, jump in and get all the orders done. While he’s putting all his ingredients out, he sees that someone or something made holes in the sugar bag! What!? This is too much, that’s why Kotie needs your help to solve the ‘holes in the sugar bag’ Mistry – who can possibly be the culprit, and will he finish all the orders in time?

Educational themes for this show are good manners, respect for people’s property, and stealing is bad.

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This show is for ages 3-11.

Price per performance R5000 minimum. R25 per child

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