Mong learns why reading is so important

It's Jo's birthday and the monsters are very excited to have surprise birthday party for Jo. Mong offers to bake a special birthday cake for Jo. Matty and Mondo warns Mong that Jo will not like a caterpillar cake. Mong will have to make Jo's favorite chocolate birthday cake, but Mong can't read the recipe...

Will Mong be able to learn to read in time? With lots of love and guidance from Jo and the audience, Mong slowly learns resilience and how to read.

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Price: R25 / child with a minimum of R4000 (160 childen) per show.

With the show we also offer a basic English grammatical booklet for Gr 1-3 absolutely free.

How we address the impottance of reading:

- Mong wants to bake a cake for Jo's birthday but he cannot read the recipe.
- Mondo wants to make Jo a birthday card but he cannot read of write.
- The monsters have to give Jo's accountant the accounting book but they don't know which book it is because they can't read the label.

All these incidents are shown in our story, bringing the monsters to the realization how important it is to read.

The outcome of the show:

We cover 2-3 grammar or spell rules for each grade through a series of interactive games, giving the children the opportunity to not only learn but teach the monsters to read. This empowers the learners in a fun way, making the information easy to remember and retain/

Gr 1: 

a) Revise the alphabet.
b) What are the vowels in the alphabet
c) Look for words starting with the letter B
d) What is a noun
e) What is a verb

Gr 2:

a) What is preposition and how do we use it
b) Word search featuring words used in the show
c) Look for words that uses 'ch'

Gr 3: 

a) What are synonymns
b) What are antonymns
c) What are adjectives and how do we use them

Social emotional learning

- Your ability to read plays a significant part in how successful you navigate life.
- Mong learns resilience, anuthing that is worth while doing takes practice, the more you practice, the better you will be.

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