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So That's How It Works - PILOT

SO THAT’S HOW IT WORKS! is the brainchild of Michelle Botha, the Founder of Bizzy Hands Puppet Company. With a background in acting, performing, puppeteering, puppet making… and with in depth research she had developed a series to address social-emotional learning issues for children (and adults). She also has a live theatre show with the aim of going to schools to present these helpful tools through puppets.


The Synopsis:

The 3 little monsters in So that’s how it works! Are on a royal mission! Steamroller Matty (character for self-awareness, self-management & social awareness learning), the shy and scared Mondo (self-awareness, self-management & relationship skills learning) and the up then down, food loving monster Mong (Self-awareness, self-management & responsible decision-making learning) stumble into the human world, a scary place for little monsters. This strange new place and people trigger the monsters’ unique awkward behaviours. Enter Jo, the spunky owner of the famous convenient store. Jo helps and guides the monsters, giving them social- emotional learning tools to help them gain confidence, becoming more self-aware, and gives them more control over their special abilities.  But beware… lurking in the shadows is Mister Mkhizi, the old busy body. He’ll go out of his way to expose Jo and her little fury trio just because… because he wants to!


We are looking for any funding so we can develop the full series of So That’s How it Works!


In the meantime, you can watch the PILOT here:



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